Carb Nite: How Mark Bell Lost 50 Pounds of Fat

People are much fatter than they have to be. Look around your local Starbucks, Jamba Juice, or Panera bread, and you’ll soon realize that everyone you see is fatter than is necessary—and that’s a conclusion I came to for myself, too. That’s why I started this whole process of dropping weight by … [Read more...]

Q&A: Can I Carb Back-Load If I Train in the Morning?

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How To Cook Brussel Sprouts DH Style

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Zone Diet Reviews from DH

Everyone wants to be “in the zone”—that moment when the din of the world falls into the background, everything is silent, and time ceases to exist. Pain, fatigue, and doubt melt away, and all that’s left is a finely-tuned human machine that can’t fail. When it comes to your diet, however, if you’re … [Read more...]


Hi I’m Kiefer, inventor of the dietary protocol Carb Back-Loading. Is Carb Back-Loading good? No… … [Read more...]

Paleo Deconstructed Part 1: A Pig With Lipstick

I love the Paleo Diet. That’s going to surprise some people. What’s not going to surprise anyone is that I also hate Paleo, too. In fact, I hate Paleo as much as I love it. More, even. … [Read more...]

Worrying About Fructose on Carb Back-Loading

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Carb Nite: How You Can (and Should) Get Stronger

There seems to be a massive misconception in the fitness industry regarding how DH’s two main nutritional protocols, Carb Back-Loading™ and The Carb Nite® Solution, are perceived. The way most people see it, you go on Carb Back-Loading if you want to get big and strong (and drop fat), and you opt … [Read more...]

Carb Nite or Carb Back-Loading

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18 Months of Carb Back-Loading with Julia Ladewski

“I eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning,” said Gym Lady. “It’s very healthy.” I knew this was coming. People always say the same things about breakfast. I have this same conversation almost every day. “Don’t,” I said. … [Read more...]