Marriage Makes You Fat!

I knew it existed. I knew it wasn't my imagination. I knew after watching it happen to countless friends and family members that I was not crazy, but astute (as astute as other external observers to the ballooning epidemic). Being in a committed relationship and moving in together makes you fat! … [Read more...]

Functional Training or Functionally Retarded?

About a year ago I met the owner of a local diner, let's call him Marty. Marty trained with a friend who happened to be a personal trainer and Marty's friend always brought up the fact—in an awkward and forced fashion—that he was NASM certified. We'll call him Mr. Nasm. I can't recount the number of … [Read more...]

My T-Nation’s been hijacked

Eight years off, and this is what I get? Back in 1999, I discovered a magazine at the local health food store. The articles were, quite frankly, hardcore. Discussed in the text were things like going big on the squat, building killer biceps and a no-holds-barred review of some really crappy … [Read more...]