Sacrifice is the backbone of achievement, or so I’ve heard. To achieve anything noteworthy, or to simply stand out from the crowd, one must sacrifice a normal life in exchange for deprivation. No television; no nights out at the bar; no junk food; no sleeping in; no straying from the … [Read more...]

No More Wimpy Calves

There’s no point in denying—so I won’t—that genetics play a significant role in the insertion, form and function of the lower leg, but the consequences of genetics do not excuse a pathetic lower limb. I’ve worked with a dozen people, all of whom told me they had beaten their calves to a pulp, tried … [Read more...]

Letting Go: The Secret to a Big Bench

Most athletes excel or fail on their belief of a simple rule: technique is everything. Professionals in baseball, tennis, swimming and power lifting all abide by it. Ergo, if you want a big bench, learn how to bench right. Anyone can learn and teach technique, which leads to the precipice of … [Read more...]

Gross Anatomy of a Champion

I’m recovering from a disappointing weekend. No, I don’t care that the Colts lost the Superbowl…to be honest, I didn't even care that there was a Superbowl. I’m disappointed because one of my good friends, and someone whom I help advise, Brian Carroll, had what might have been the worst … [Read more...]

The Return…

It's been a long time since my last post—a very long time. An injury took me out of the gym for just about 3 months. This was not your run–of–the–mill injury; this was ripping your abdomen apart while doing bent-over rows with 375. Ouch. … [Read more...]

Does Bowflex® Really Works?

The short answer: no. You can stop reading now if you'd like. … [Read more...]

Damn your arms are big!

All too often, particularly among newbies, I hear, "Damn your arms are big!" They follow up their awe-infused brown nosing with, "What do you do?" My answer, though cryptic, is almost always the same: heavy shrugs. … [Read more...]

You are not married to your training partner!

Taking last week off from the gym gave me time to consider my progress over the last three months since returning from Florida. I have gone nowhere. … [Read more...]

Functional Training or Functionally Retarded?

About a year ago I met the owner of a local diner, let's call him Marty. Marty trained with a friend who happened to be a personal trainer and Marty's friend always brought up the fact—in an awkward and forced fashion—that he was NASM certified. We'll call him Mr. Nasm. I can't recount the number of … [Read more...]