The DH Workout Playlist

The only thing worse than seeing a skinny-fat person naked is horrible gym music. Where I'm forced to train right now due to logistics and time, plays the most god-awful crap that's ever been heard in the gym. Today was the final straw: 80's love ballads. What. The. F*ck?! … [Read more...]

Birth Control and Fat Loss

When women don’t want to get pregnant, they typically visit the doctor and get on a birth control regimen. Like most women, I did this when I first got married. What I didn’t do, however—and what most women don’t do—was research the effects this would have on my body. It didn’t occur to me to try to … [Read more...]

Alex Navarro’s Quest for Worlds Domination

Who wouldn’t want to be the best at something if they knew they could? I’ve always been competitive, mostly with myself, but if I have the opportunity and the potential to dominate in something I’m going to go for it. … [Read more...]

BioJacked #15: The Mountain Dog Howls with John Meadows

On this episode of BioJacked, I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with John Meadows of Mountain Dog Diet. He's a bodybuilder and coach and special liaison to EliteFTS, presenting at their Learn To Train seminars. He also trains with Dave Tate. … [Read more...]

Unstable Surfaces for Stability Training (aka Clown School)

My friend Todd is unstable. We live in a world where most of what we’re taught is based on policy and protocol rather than science. The consequences thereof run through basic subjects, like health, nutrition, training advice and even therapeutic practices. This makes me a little unstable too, like … [Read more...]

BioJacked #12: Jason Phillips and Mary Gines

The lost episode has been found. The quality isn't the best but we can all thank MT from the forums for providing a bootleg copy. I'm glad too because this episode contains great conversation with Jason Phillips, a contest prep expert, trainer of professional athletes from NFL players to PGA Tour … [Read more...]

BioJacked #10: Nate Miyaki, Samurai Psychologist

In this 10th episode of BioJacked on Mutiny Radio (see ) we invited fitness model, trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness book author Nate Miyaki to share his science- and psychology-based approach to diet and bodybuilding. … [Read more...]

BioJacked #8: More Q&A along with Haris Alukic (former MMA)

 Yet another all question-and-answer show, this time focusing on Training, aided by special guests Haris Alukic (former MMA figher, former powerlifter) and Anna Sweeney. … [Read more...]

BioJacked #7: Our First All Q&A

We collected questions from the forums and over social media channels to throw at Kiefer. On this show we ended up focusing on nutrition. Check out the associated forum post to see the questions we fielded for this show. We just about covered them all... … [Read more...]

BioJacked #4: Yes That Mark Bell

We invited Mark "Smelly" Bell (yes, that Mark Bell) to the studio to shoot the proverbial shit, and he surprised us by getting Jesse Burdick to tag along. However, Bell and Burdick weren't able to make it until about 45 minutes into the show, so Kiefer introduced Alex Navarro (Ms. Natural Fitness … [Read more...]