Carb Back-Loading Book Available Now

ATTENTION: The Titanium Edition is now sold out! Long live the Carbon Edition! Carb Back-Loading: "the Holy Grail of Nutrition" Carb Back-Loading, created by Kiefer, is the most sophisticated, science-based diet protocol designed to maximize your gains from training while keeping you as lean as … [Read more...]

Publishing Delays

Alright. We know you're waiting. We promised the Carb Back-Loading book release for this past Friday, and despite our best efforts, we blew it. I just know it: many of you were counting on being able to read the book over the weekend so you could start or improve your Carb Back-Loading program this … [Read more...]

Carb Back-Loading Updates

In which we find Kiefer coming out of hiding for a day, only to go back into hiding all this weekend so we can finish this damn book. Also, a little more about the Carb Back-Loading diet software. I met up with Kiefer Friday afternoon, and as some of you will know from reading the forums, he's … [Read more...]

News: Carb Back-Loading, DH Forums, and Kiefer’s Kryptonite

Hey everybody, Naomi here. We have a bunch of important announcements to make. I promise if you read all the way down to the bottom it'll be worth it. Even superheroes have weaknesses Thanksgiving came and went, and I was grateful for Carb Back-Loading. It's nice knowing that when you'll be faced … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Success, Failure, and Doughnuts on Carb Back-Loading™

 What does it mean to do Carb Back-Loading™ "wrong"? We asked SJ (Sam Joy), a serious lifter and coach over at The Yard, to relate his experiences using Carb Back-Loading in the months that followed his original write-up back in April of this year. What he sent back details a fascinating run from … [Read more...]

Interview with Kiefer about Carb Backloading

Here's an interview with Kiefer conducted by Tanner Fox, a Carb Backloading true believer who had a few questions, as well as a nice testimonial about using this protocol himself. The guys just kinda launch into it after an amusing intro conversation, which you'll catch the tail end of at the … [Read more...]

Bonus Material from Kiefer’s Interview with Tanner Fox

Fox Tanner's testimonial of using Carb Backloading and some amusing conversation leading up to the full interview. (Subtitle: "Where's that accent from, anyway?") You can download this part of the interview as an mp3 HERE. (~8 MB) … [Read more...]