Kiefer Q&A: The Carb Nite Solution For Women

In response to a line of questioning we've been getting a lot from you lately, here's a Q&A segment with Kiefer addressing some common problems women run into within the first few months of starting The Carb Nite Solution: After my first ten-day cycle of the diet, I lost a significant amount of … [Read more...]

Paleo Deconstructed Part 2: You Probably Don’t Have a Food Allergy

I used to think food allergies were a joke. How can stuff that comes out of the ground—stuff nature provides for us—make us sick or cause any sort of unpleasant or even painful reaction? I was naïve back then—back when I first entered the confusing labyrinth of human nutrition—believing that food … [Read more...]

What Is Hypoglycemia And How You Easily Can Prevent It

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Eating Paleo with Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite

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Preparing for a powerlifting meet: cutting and making weight

Getting ready for a powerlifting meet? Still have 20-30 pounds to cut in order to make weight? In this video, Kiefer explains how to use Carb Nite, Carb Back-Loading and HIIT to help supercharge the process of cutting weight for a powerlifting meet. Click the link … [Read more...]