How to Train: Female Edition

By Jim Laird Women hire trainers far more often than men do. It’s a proven fact. Women are more likely to ask for help, and they’re more likely to trust that what they’re being told about fitness is the truth. Trouble is, most of the information available for women, both online and otherwise, is … [Read more...]

The Sexy, Strong Woman: 6 Tips For Women

It’s the ultimate piece of fitness bullshit, yet women everywhere still say these words constantly: “I’d love to start lifting weights, and I know it’s good for me, but I don’t want to get all bulky.” You know what the ironic thing is about this? There’s an inverse relationship involving the women … [Read more...]

Julia Ladewski: Competing on Carb Back-Loading

Julia's back! Emerging victorious from her recent powerlifting meet with another ELITE total in her third weight class -- not to mention looking like an absolute superhero while doing it -- we asked her for a rundown of the past 6 months of carb back-loading, as well as the past 2 months of getting … [Read more...]

Julia Ladewski Lifts with Carb Back-Loading

When I checked out Julia Ladewski's training log on EliteFTS and found out she had quietly been using Carb Back-Loading -- since APRIL 2011! --  getting stronger and leaner, and feeling healthy and content on it to boot, I HAD to comment. (Specifically, I think I cat-called her on Twitter and then … [Read more...]