Your New Lifestyle: Relax Your Way to High Performance

Want to smash weights every time you're in the gym? Learn the meaning of rest and recovery first.  By Jim Laird What do the words “day off” mean to you? Do you know what a day off even is? What are you doing on your so-called days off? I want you to think about this right now, because you need to. … [Read more...]

How to be Awesome: Why Your Personal Trainer Sucks

By Jesse Burdick Who's the best personal trainer or strength coach in the world? I'm hoping that's me, but if it's not, I really have no idea. The reason why I don't know is because the best trainers and coaches in this business are extremely busy, and nobody's ever heard of most of them. They're … [Read more...]

DH Contest: Win a Free iPad!

We’re giving away two iPads. Want one? To celebrate the release of the incredible GAIN Fitness Shockwave Protocol iPhone app, we’re having a contest that doesn’t require you to do much of anything to enter. The Grand Prize? One of two fully-loaded iPads we’ve sprung for. You’ve got fourteen days … [Read more...]