Two Great Interviews With Kiefer Just Posted

On the heels of our return from the BIL 2012 Conference, two interviews with Kiefer have now been published. Biohacker Dave Asprey, who we met up with at BIL 2012, was interested to converse on optimizing health while doing Carb Back-Loading (e.g. sticking to the Bulletproof Diet), while the guys … [Read more...]

Intermittent Fasting: Part 1

“How To Starve Your Way To Health” adorns the cover of this month’s Harper’s magazine and I took it as a call to act. I haven’t said much about fasting—intermittent or otherwise—because I know there’s a lot right about it. By right, I mean healthy. But I know there’s something very wrong too. Until … [Read more...]

Heavy Duty CBL

I read an article the other day called the Ultimate Bulking Guide. What I hate about these guides, aside from their lack of scientific basis and poor grammar, is how they promise quality mass gains but only provide the normal rules of train more, eat more. … [Read more...]

The Scientist Asshole

Today, I found out I’m an asshole. This isn’t something you take lightly or try to sugarcoat with, “oh, I just have an edge to my writing,” … [Read more...]

Resolution For Failure

Since it’s the New Year and many already see several weeks of effort thrown toward achieving their resolution, I thought I’d put together a stupid-simple, bulletproof set of rules to fail this year, just like so many millions did last year…and the year before that…and before that… … [Read more...]

Julia Ladewski Lifts with Carb Back-Loading

When I checked out Julia Ladewski's training log on EliteFTS and found out she had quietly been using Carb Back-Loading -- since APRIL 2011! --  getting stronger and leaner, and feeling healthy and content on it to boot, I HAD to comment. (Specifically, I think I cat-called her on Twitter and then … [Read more...]

Just Big Radio Interviews Kiefer

Everybody loves a good "hometown fat kid makes good" story. In this interview of Kiefer with Vincent Dizenzo on Just Big Radio, the guys discuss Carb Back-Loading, which Vincent himself has seen great success in using, and Kiefer reveals how he went from fat kid to physicist to sought-after … [Read more...]

Carb Back-Loading Book Available Now

ATTENTION: The Titanium Edition is now sold out! Long live the Carbon Edition! Carb Back-Loading: "the Holy Grail of Nutrition" Carb Back-Loading, created by Kiefer, is the most sophisticated, science-based diet protocol designed to maximize your gains from training while keeping you as lean as … [Read more...]

Publishing Delays

Alright. We know you're waiting. We promised the Carb Back-Loading book release for this past Friday, and despite our best efforts, we blew it. I just know it: many of you were counting on being able to read the book over the weekend so you could start or improve your Carb Back-Loading program this … [Read more...]

Carb Back-Loading Updates

In which we find Kiefer coming out of hiding for a day, only to go back into hiding all this weekend so we can finish this damn book. Also, a little more about the Carb Back-Loading diet software. I met up with Kiefer Friday afternoon, and as some of you will know from reading the forums, he's … [Read more...]